• Lyle Blackburn - vocals, guitar
  • Jake Middlefinger - lead guitar
  • Lizard Lazario - acoustic guitar, vocals
  • Santi - bass, vocals
  • Dalton Black - drums
  • Randy Grimm - trumpet

The History...

For more than 15 years, Ghoultown has delivered their unique brand of spaghetti-western infused rock across the musical badlands.  Formed in 1998 by frontman Count Lyle (Lyle Blackburn) and described as an “uncharted crossroads between Johnny Cash and Rob Zombie,” the Texas-based band defies conventional classification with a lengthy list of catchy, horror-influenced songs and a distinctive, dark western image to match.  The band's sixth studio release, LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN, embodies the soul of their guitar-slinging pursuits with a mix of horror rock, punk-twang, and spaghetti western flair.  The popularity of album cuts such as “Drink With the Living Dead” is evident with its corresponding video charting almost two million views on YouTube alone.

In addition to the success of LIFE AFTER SUNDOWN, Ghoultown’s history includes writing a theme song for iconic horror maven, Elvira.  The song was released as the MISTRESS OF THE DARK ultra-single and paired with a music video by director Gris Grimly which features Elvira herself.  The video, shot on location in Hollywood, was featured on Elvira’s nationally syndicated television show, Movie Macabre.

While the band’s distinctive sound may be hard to describe, the music speaks for itself.  Their upcoming album, GHOST OF THE SOUTHERN SON, is poised to be their ultimate release with a brand new collection of tunes ranging from spooky tales of lost love -- to blood-pumping outlaw punk -- to well-crafted anthems featuring spaghetti western trumpets.  Hailed as pioneers of hellbilly rock, Ghoultown continues to make hearts race and rebels rouse as they turn the music world upside down -- one soul at a time. 


Boots of Hell - 1999

Tales From the Dead West - 2000

Give 'Em More Rope - 2002

Tales From the Dead West (European version) - 2002

Live From Texas! - 2004

Bury Them Deep - 2006

Life After Sundown - 2008

Skeleton Cowboys (vinyl) - 2008

Mistress of the Dark - 2009

The Unforgotten: Rare & Un-Released (digital) - 2012

Bury Them Deep / Boots of Hell (expanded edition) - 2014

Life After Sundown (vinyl edition) - 2016

Ghost of the Southern Son - coming in 2017

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